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Frisian Horse Rink trusts in chia-seeds

Rink van Hestegaarden (Rink) was born in 2013 in the Netherlands. I met him for the first time in May 2016 when I traveled to the Netherlands to find my dream horse. I had a look at a number of Friesian horses in the stable that I visited, and all of a sudden there was a young friesian guy who looked at me with his beautiful eyes hidden under a fairytale mane . I drove Rink out in the fields and gosh he is a great mover! I did not have to think anymore there and then I found my dream horse...

Rink came to us in Sweden in July 2016 and just before that he received his ster/star title in Holland.

Rink has many good qualities, but the prime ones are his stable temper, his incredible willingness to work and his wisdom. He learns new things so fast!rink2 Rink got approved on his exterior by FPZV (Friesenpferde Zuchtverband) in september 2016. Rink now makes a 50 day test to see if he qualifies to be an approved stallion. Future plans is to train and compete Rink in dressage and driving.

Rink has eaten Chia de Gracia's chia seeds for a year and I see a clear improvement in his coat, it's incredibly shiny and healthy! At the same time, his hoofs also has improved significantly! Over and above this, it feels really good that Rink gets all that amino acids, proteins and fibers that are all so good for him!

Photos left one standing: @hestafoto Petra Lönnqvist , right one running @ridelovelaugh Rosita Dahlberg

Best wishes, Ann-Carin Sandberg Jödahl

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