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Blue Hors Care Wound spray 150 ml
Blue Hors Care Wound spray 150 ml
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Blue Hors Care Wound Spray 150 ml

  • --430 kr
  • Normalpris 430 kr

    Wound Spray for horses.

    * Wound spray for treatment of minor wounds and abrasions
    * Anti-bacterial and desiccating
    * For treatment of dermatitis

    Tissue-friendly wound spray of the “blue-spray” type. Anti-bacterial and desiccating effect. User and environmentally friendly non-aerosol spray can.

    User instructions:
    Blue Hors Wound Spray applied directly to the cleaned area.
    In case of grease heels, remove any scabs before applying.

    Store in a cool place out of the reach of children.

    Avoid contact with eyes.