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Blue Hors Care Supershine 670 ml
Blue Hors Care Supershine 670 ml
Blue Hors Care Supershine 670 ml
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Blue Hors Care Supershine 670 ml

  • --195 kr
  • Normalpris 195 kr

    *Coat shine which immediately provides a beautiful and shiny coat.
    *Keeps mane and tail detangled.
    *Quality product which contains skin-friendly components

    Supershine is sprayed on in a thin layer and provides a magnificent high-gloss and lang lasting effect. The mane and tail remain detangled. Fly eggs in the coat are reduced. Dirt repellent.
    Super-Shine effect lasts for 10 days but will disappear if washed.

    User instructions:
    Curry the horse as usual and then apply a thin layer of Super-Shine. If the horse is afraid of spray, use a cloth or sponge. To finish, lightly brush horse.
    A newly washed horse's damp coat is even better for spraying. Once the coat is dry, brush and enjoy the very special Super-Shine lustre.
    Afterwards, both coat, mane and tail are surprisingly easy to keep and your horse looks exceedingly trim.
    Because of long-term effects, recommended use is a maximum of once every five days.
    Avoid spraying on clothes and leather.

    If the coat is dirty and you want white markings snow-white or have a dappled horse that is difficult to keep clean, it is recommended you clean smudges using Blue Hors Super-Clean before applying Blue Hors Super-Shine.

    Keep out of reach of children