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Blue Hors Care Skinhealer
Blue Hors Care Skinhealer
Blue Hors Care Skinhealer
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Blue Hors Care Skinhealer

  • --275 kr
  • Normalpris 275 kr

    * Anti-bacterial wound ointment for treatment of non-infected wounds
    * Ointment with softening and healing effect
    * Prevents formation of scars

    Anti-bacterial and softening ointment which effectively fights crusts and scarring. Skin Healer has a magnificent effect on dermatitis when massaged thoroughly 1-2 times per day.

    User instructions:
    Sores: Apply a thin layer on the scab/skin abrasion.
    Grease heels: Thoroughly massage a good amount of Skinhealer into the scabs 1-2 times daily.

    The specific area must be completely dry.
    Should not be covered/bandaged.

    Infected sores/grease heels require treatment from a vet.

    Ingredients EU:
    Petroleum Jelly, Cod liver/Fish oil, Zink Oxide, Methyl Salicylate, Lanolin, Chloroxylenol, Colour CI 61554.

    Stored out of the reach of children.

    NB! Waiting period. Do not use later than 96 hours before the competition.