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Blue Hors Care Magnesium F 1,5 kg
Blue Hors Care Magnesium F 1,5 kg
Blue Hors Care Magnesium F 1,5 kg
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Blue Hors Care Magnesium F 1,5 kg

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    Magnesium and phosphor supplement with high bioavailability  for horses.

    * Magnesium and phosphor with high bioavailability
    * Nervousness may be caused by magnesium deficiency
    * Magnesium deficiency deteriorates skeletal and muscle development

    Magnesium and phosphorus with high biological availability. Use when the feed's magnesium content is low.The correct ration of magnesium is important for all horses and should be in focus in any feeding programme. Grass/hay is usually a good source of magnesium. In case of feeding with grass/hay with a low magnesium content or with low share of grass/hay in the feeding plan, a magnesium supplement may be recommended. 
    Magnesium deficiency may cause nervousness and deteriorated skeletal and muscle development.


    Recommended feeding, horse 600 kg:
    1-2 meals daily.
    Mix with compound feed.
    1 meal = 10 g gives 2.4 g magnesium and 1.35 g phosphorus.


    Analytical Constituents:
    Magnesium 24.00%
    Phosphorus 13.50%

    100% Magnesium Phosphate.

    Contains no prohibited substances.

    Store in a sealed and dry place