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Blue Hors Care Electrolyt Daily 2 kg
Blue Hors Care Electrolyt Daily 2 kg
Blue Hors Care Electrolyt Daily 2 kg
Blue Hors Care Electrolyt Daily 2 kg
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Blue Hors Care Electrolyt Daily 2 kg

  • --290 kr
  • Normalpris 290 kr

    * Economical electrolyte supplement for horses
    * Electrolyte deficiency results in low performance and dehydration
    * Electrolyte deficiency can cause reduced muscle and nerve function

    Salt replacement. Administered after profuse sweating during daily training.
    When the horse sweats, it loses both fluids and the various mineral salts (electrolytes) necessary for binding fluids in the body. Electrolyte Basic contains the basic hydrating components lost during sweating.
    Electrolyte Basic is recommended for use in daily training in the first feed after sweating.


    Feeding instructions:
    10 g per 100 kg horse.
    Dosage can be increased by very strenuous work and a lot of sweating.
    1 measure = 20 g.
    Feed dry as top dressing on compound feed
    The horse should always have access to drinking water.

    Analytical Constituents:
    Calcium 1.0%
    Sodium 23%
    Magnesium 2%
    Potassium 10.4%
    Chloride 46%
    Carbohydrates 7%

    Sodium chloride
    Potassium chloride
    Magnesium phosphate
    Calcium carbonate
    Sipernat 22 S

    Contains no prohibited substances.

    Store in a dry and cool container with a tightly sealed lid.