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Blue Hors Care Biotin Complex 1 kg
Blue Hors Care Biotin Complex 1 kg
Blue Hors Care Biotin Complex 1 kg
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Blue Hors Care Biotin Complex 1 kg

  • --400 kr
  • Normalpris 400 kr

    *Nourishes alle tissues in the hoof
    *Ensures optimum condition for hoof growth.
    *High concentration and composition ensuring maximum effect.

    Highly concentrated biotin supplement of absolute qualitity.Also contains methionine, zinc and copper which significantly enhances the absorption and effect.
    Improves hoof growth and quality.


    Feeding instructions:
    Horses: 1 meal daily.
    Ponies: ½ meal daily.
    Mix in with other feed.
    1 meal contains approx. 12.5 g, including 20 mg biotin.
    1 kg lasts 80 days with 1 meal daily.
    Biotin Complex should be given daily for 6 months.

    This feed may only be used for horses with up to 6 g per kg of the daily feed (incl. coarse fodder).

    Additives per kg: Nutritional:
    Biotin: 1600 mg
    Zinc (zinc oxide) - E6: 7500 mg
    Zinc (zinc amino acid chelate, hydrate) - E6: 7500 mg
    Copper (copper-II-sulphate pentahydrate)- E4: 1250 mg
    Copper (copper amino acid chelate, hydrate) - E4: 1250 mg
    DL-methionine - (3.1.1): 100 g

    Analytical Constituents:
    Calcium 16.4%
    Sodium 0%
    Phosphorus 0%

    Calcium Carbonate
    DL Methionin

    Store in a frost-free, dry and cool container with a tightly sealed lid.