Blue Hors Care Groom Equipment

Blue Hors Care Leather Cleaner 500 ml

Blue Hors Care

*Mild and gentle leather cleaner of excellent quality. *For deep cleaning which provides healthie...

195 kr

Blue Hors Care Leather Oil Spray 400 ml

Blue Hors Care

* Specially designed leather oil of highest quality * Penetrates all corners unreachable by cloth...

193 kr

Blue Hors Care Effect

Blue Hors Care

*Cleans, cares and provides a beautiful skine to the leather in one procedure. *The leather becom...

220 kr

Saddle Soap 200 ml

Chia de Gracia

*Quality soap with glycerin and aloe vera oil *Effictive cleaning, caring and protection of the l...

142 kr

Golden Classic

Chia de Gracia

*Quality leather grease with bees´ wax. *Nourishing classic leather grease. *Composed of top qual...

163 kr